I’m Scott Case

Technologist, inventor, and entrepreneur who is obsessed with building businesses that improve lives on a massive scale.

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Sneakerhead with unreasonable goals

For Scott, no challenge is too unreasonable to undertake—ending malaria within his lifetime, making it possible for consumers to set the price of travel, and leading teams of two to 200 are challenges he’s accepted and thrived at. 

As the founding CTO of Priceline.com, current CEO and Co-founder of Upside.com, and CEO for half a dozen startups over the past 25 years, Scott believes that deciding to start a company is the easy part. Sustaining and growing a business is the real challenge that keeps even the most successful entrepreneurs up at night. That’s why he built /Founders Focus – a place for founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders to play offense. 

If you’re a leader wrestling with the chaos of now, book a 15-minute 1:1 with Scott to get after whatever is keeping you up at night.

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